NileCo Qatar

Our Qatar office has been executing large-scale facility maintenance and waste management for the past 12 years consecutively in addition to being awarded more than 25 major Government contracts for design-build structures.

Some Notable Design-Build Projects Include:

PAX Terminal
Persco Building
CWDE Cold Storage Facility
Mail hub Building
Corrosion Control Facility
KC135 Flight line Facility
JC135 Flight line facility
Joint Operations Center
ECES Force Protection
EOD Facility
Material Control Facility
ECS Harvest Falcon Facility
Ground Data Processing System Facility
Heavy Equipment Facility
Logistical Warehouse facility
F-15 AMU Facility

Our Location

Located in Doha, Qatar

c/o NileCo GC & Trading Co LLC
PO Box 22041
Doha, Qatar

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